Progressive Paving Cape Town

Progressive Paving Cape Town was founded in 1998 and is controlled and owned by Adrien Desmarais. Adrien has been in the Paving industry for over 20 years and previously headed up the Cape Town office of Boss Paving. In the years prior to starting Progressive Paving Cape Town he believed that service would play a big part in his new business. To achieve this he realized he would have to create a smaller, hands-on business. Turning away from under-supervised and subcontracted work, with dedication and focus to each project from inception to completion, he has proven time and again that with the skilled staff Adrien has in his employment this can be achieved.

Adrien has been personally involved with every project undertaken by Progressive Paving, and will continue to do so until he is able to pass this responsibility on to a conscientious protégé. Adrien now confirms that his decision to be open, honest and efficient has paved the way to create a powerful and very competitive small business able to make a difference in the industry.
Due to the fact that a large percentage of Progressive Paving and Adrien’s projects are referral based, it stands to reason that his customers have been impressed and that’s what counts. Give Progressive Paving and Adrien the opportunity with your paving needs and... “Prepare to be impressed”.

Why not join the thousands who have substituted price for quality and still enjoy their paving applications years after the projects are completed with total piece of mind and satisfaction guaranteed.

Progressive Paving does not use Sub-contractors so the workmanship provided by Progressive Paving is consistent and professionally completed on time every time with a quality Guarantee.
Progressive Paving believes that a guarantee is only as good as your last quality installation.
Progressive Paving will provide you with a Quality installation, and total piece of mind.
Progressive paving does not offer meaningless guarantees and false promises.

“I hope to be able to pave for all your friends and family so that they too can enjoy the experience of Progressive Paving fulfil ling their realization of a worthwhile dream .......... Prepare to be Impressed.”


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